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TBS removes Dana White's Power Slap from the schedule in wake of an altercation with his wife

Nothing is going well for UFC President Dana White these days. You can it as the beginning of the fall after a domestic abuse confrontation with his wife on New Year's Eve. Before its anticipated premiere on January 11, Dana White's Power Slap League is no longer mentioned on the TBS broadcast lineup.

White disclosed in November that Power Slap and TBS have established a programming partnership for eight one-hour episodes. A revised timeline indicates that the new company founded by the UFC president won't be making its premiere next week after AEW Wrestling. Power Slap League has likewise been taken down from TBS' website.

The traumatic video that showed White talking to his wife and then holding her arm as she moved to leave, slapped him in the face. The husband and wife then split apart as White responded with his slap in vengeance. As a result, it was the catalyst for all of the adjustments.

In an interview with TMZ, White admitted that he and his wife had reconciled to one another and that they felt ashamed by the incident.

“I’m one of the guys, you heard me say for years: There’s never, ever an excuse for a guy to put his hands on a woman,” White said. “And now here I am on TMZ talking about it. My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years. We’ve known each other since we were almost 12 years old. We’ve obviously been through some sh*t together and we’ve got three kids, and this is one of those situations that’s horrible. I’m embarrassed, but it’s also one of those situations that right now, we’re more concerned about our kids.’’

“We have three kids and obviously since the video popped up, we’ve shown the kids the video. We’re more focused on our family right now. People are going to have opinions on this, and most of the people’s opinions would be right, especially in my case. You don’t put your hands on a woman ever. My wife and I love each other, we’ve been together for a very long time. We’ve known each other since we were very little, and this is just one of those unfortunate situations.”

Regarding the footage depicting White hitting his wife or the channel's ambitions for Power Slap League in the aftermath of the event, authorities from TBS and Warner Media have not commented. The UFC's stockholders, Endeavor, have likewise remained silent regarding White's behavior or any legal consequences he might receive.

In light of the confrontation featuring White and his wife, it now looks like TBS has most likely postponed the premiere of Power Slap League.


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