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George Kambosos' lightweight world title fight with Teofimo Lopez has been delayed after Lopez tested positive for COVID-19.

It looks like Teofimo Lopez vs. George Kombosos Jr. Bout 2021 is not going to happen when we want it to. Earlier, the fighting was scheduled for June 5, but later changed on June 19. Lopez had a positive test for Covid-19. So, instead, the whole fight changed.

Despite this, the Lopez vs Kambosos event still seems in a tragic spot. Because, as per ESPN, the organizers of this bout, Triller, is looking to schedule this fight in Australia on an altogether new date in October 2021.

This move has infuriated Lopez and his team as they wish to fight in the US. Recently, ‘The takeover’s manager, David McWater, gave his take on this entire fuss. He said, “That’s our major objection: to ask a guy to fly international and cut weight for 14 days while in quarantine. It’s not right.”

"I don’t think we’ll have to give up the title. I think if they want to move [the fight] that far back the IBF will rule. But fine, if we have to, we’ll give up the title and he can fight [next-available contender] Isaac Cruz somewhere for $70,000 [for the vacant title].”

Even after all these comments, it's not possible to say when the fight will take place. Is this match really called off or will the fans get to watch this match?


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