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Teofimo Lopez Targets Terence Crawford

Teofimo Lopez has never been one to shy away from bold claims, and his recent victory over Josh Taylor has only emboldened him further. After stunning the boxing world with his triumph over Vasiliy Lomachenko in 2020, Lopez has set his sights on another pound-for-pound titan: Terence Crawford.

Teofimo Lopez

The brash young champion has made it clear that he sees himself as the best in the world, and he's eager to prove it in the ring. In a recent self-recorded video, Lopez declared his desire to face Crawford, stating,

"Do I want Crawford? Absolutely. I aim for greatness. What is that? Fighting the best. Crawford says he's the best, I know I'm the best, let's make the fight happen."

Despite his confidence, Lopez is not looking past his upcoming bout with Jamaine Ortiz, where he will defend his WBO super lightweight title. He understands the importance of staying focused on the task at hand and is fully committed to preparing for Ortiz.

While a potential showdown with Crawford is on Lopez's radar, he knows that he must first take care of business in the ring. With his eyes firmly set on both the present and the future, Teofimo Lopez continues to prove himself as one of boxing's most exciting and fearless champions.


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