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Teofimo Lopez wins as expected by KO in the 7th round. Campa put on a competitive fight till Teofimo got confident and put him down and then out in the 7th round. Now watching the fight closely Im not excited and Im not getting on the Teofimo bandwagon and say yay!!! He's back!!! My opinión is that he isnt back yet. He looked too tentative not what we are used to. Maybe after a fight or two he may comeback but not yet. It was a long lay off and we have to take that into concideration. Maybe he may have enough to fight a Ryan Garcia or softer opposition but if you put him against a Pitbull Cruz , Devin Haney or Tank Davis I believe Teofimo will have a bad night. People who know the business know Campa was a tune up fight so he can come back and get the win and get in rythem nothing more. Now you know Teofimo and his father will always talk crap to help sell a fight but we know he isnt back just yet. I just hope with this win he doesnt lose sense of reality and take his next fight lightly. We want to see good fights and he is one of the top dawgs of the división but isnt ready for the rest of the other top dawgs just yet.


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