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Terence Crawford's Next Big Hunt: Setting Sights on Tim Tszyu - Canelo Rejects

In the intricate dance of boxing matchmaking, Terence "Bud" Crawford finds himself at a crossroads, seeking a new challenger after potential bouts with Canelo Alvarez and Errol Spence Jr. fell through. With Canelo explicitly stating his disinterest and Spence sidelined by eye surgery, Crawford's gaze turns towards the outcome of the upcoming clash between Tim Tszyu and Keith Thurman.

Terence Crawford: Aiming for the stars against Tim Tszyu.
Terence Crawford: Aiming for the stars against Tim Tszyu.

As the boxing world holds its breath for the March 30th showdown on Amazon Prime PPV, Crawford's plans may hinge on the emergence of Tszyu as the victor.

Rick Glaser's insights shed light on a tantalizing possibility – should Crawford desire to step into the ring with Tszyu, the WBO's regulations could dramatically fast-track this encounter by positioning Crawford as the mandatory challenger for the 154-pound title. This maneuver not only simplifies the route to a face-off but also amplifies the stakes, offering Crawford a shot at glory in a fourth weight class.

Tszyu, with an impeccable record and a burgeoning reputation, represents more than just another opponent. For Crawford, he embodies a chance to solidify his legacy against a formidable adversary in his prime. Unlike previous opponents who may have faced Crawford at less than their best, Tszyu offers a challenge that is both fresh and fierce.

The prospect of Crawford vs. Tszyu is nothing short of a boxing promoter's dream. It's a battle that promises not just a thrilling contest but also a significant payday for both fighters. For Tszyu, facing Crawford could eclipse any financial gains from other contenders, even those holding unified titles like Jermell Charlo.

Tszyu vs. Crawford: The Fight That Could Change Everything
Tszyu vs. Crawford: The Fight That Could Change Everything

Crawford's illustrious career is decorated with victories over notable names such as Errol Spence, Jeff Horn, and Julius Indongo. However, a victory over Tszyu could arguably eclipse them all, presenting Crawford with the best win of his career. For Tszyu, the fight offers a platform to ascend to the pinnacle of boxing's elite, proving himself against a universally acclaimed pound-for-pound titan.

As the boxing community anticipates the Tszyu-Thurman outcome, Crawford's strategy becomes a study in patience and timing. The potential showdown with Tszyu is not just another fight; it's a narrative-rich battle that could redefine legacies, draw global attention, and reshape the boxing landscape.

As we edge closer to what could be one of the most significant fights in recent memory, the debate rages on. Can Crawford capture a world title in a fourth division against a prime Tszyu, or will Tszyu solidify his standing at the top of the 154-lb division? Share your thoughts, predictions, and analyses in the comments below. Let's dissect the possibilities, the strategies, and the sheer excitement that a Crawford vs. Tszyu fight brings to the boxing world.


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