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That Time Urijah Faber Fought A Whole Gang

The California Kid is well known for his explosiveness in the cage. He's one of the youngest fighters in the UFC hall of fame. Nobody will ever forget watching him superman punch off the side of the cage or flying elbow people in the jaw. You never knew what to expect when watching Faber fight but you knew it was gonna be brutal.

It turns out he was vacationing in Bali one time, enjoying himself at a bar. Hanging out with two girls he had met when a local gang member tough guy wanted to call him out. Urijah couldn't talk the guy out of it, they wound up outside and after Urijah beat the guy down. All his buddies rushed in on Uriah with brass knuckles, knives, and other makeshift weapons.

A huge brawl ensued where Faber had to dip out and run away. Being chased while fighting Uriah recounts he must have had 5 total fights while running away from this gang of madmen. He finally made it in a taxi where the gang tried to pull him out. Uriah and the cab driver eventually got away.

If you haven't seen Uriah tell the fight story in his own words you definitely need to. You'll see why knowing some MMA comes in handy on the streets.


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