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"THE BROWN BOMBER" : A quiet champion that did his talking with his fist.

Remembering the great Joe Lewis AKA "The Brown Bomber" , one of the first Black-american hero's during WW2 when he defeated Germany's Max Scmeling. Boxing had a really big impact in the world at that time, so imagine the importance of Lewis winning that rematch. It was so big that they even made Joe Lewis action figures, in that time where there was so much racism he was America's pride.

A man of a few words that did all his talking with his fist. Joe Lewis terrorized the heavyweight división through his 12 year reign as heavyweight world champion. He still hold's the record for most world title defenses in the heavyweight división at 25. A record really hard to beat, its been over 60 years and it still stands. Some have come close but not close enough. They just dont make them like the great "Brown Bomber" anymore.


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