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The great Azumah Nelson.

Azumah Nelson hailed from Ghana and was a former two weight division world champion. They called him "The Professor" ,He held the WBC featherweight title and the WBC super featherweight title. He challenged Salvador Sanchez the then champion of the WBC featherweight world title in 1982 having took the bout on short notice and with only 13 fights under his belt and went 15rds before being stopped by way of TKO by Sanchez who would sadly die the following month in a automobile accident. Leaving one of the greatest rematches that never happened unfulfilled. Azuma would win the same belt against Wilfredo Gomez in 1984. In 1988 he would win the vacant WBC super featherweight title by split decision by defeating Mario Martinez. Nelsons reign was long and dominant . In my humble opinión, Africa’s greatest boxer till this day. I loved to watch him fight as a kid. Like all the greats only father time beats them in the end.


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