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The great Brown Bomber.

World heavyweight champion Joe Louis came mighty close to being dropped from his throne in 1941 when he fought former light-heavyweight champion Billy Conn. Conn fought brilliantly for 12 rounds only to preffer to slug it out with the Brown Bomber and ultimately ended up getting knocked out in the thirteenth round of a wildly exciting fight at the Polo Grounds in New York.

"I couldn't get started against the fast Conn," said Louis after the fight. "I knew I was losing the fight when the 13th round started."

"He hurt me in the 12th and I was hoping he would lose his head pretty quick, because I knew I was losing my title," Louis added.

Conn was devasted afterwards, to his defense this was one Louis's hardest title defenses where he still hold's the record for most world title defenses at heavyweight at 25. The great Larry Holmes did 20 defenses and Vladimir Klitschko came at 18, close but no cigarr. Will we see a heavyweight brake that record anytime soon ? I really dout it.


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