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The great Miguel Canto.

Unlike many Mexican boxers, Canto was not a brawler type of boxer whose fights are usually action packed. Mexican boxers are usually stereotyped as "Brawlers". He used boxing techniques and knowledge instead of trying to score knockouts in most of his fights. Proof of this is that he only won fifteen fights by knockout, out of more than seventy professional fights. He was a defensive expert, somewhat in the style of the great Willie Pep.

Canto began his professional boxing career on February 5, 1969. He became one of those rare cases in boxing, where a boxer loses his first fight and goes on to become a world champion. He lost that day to Raul Hernandez, in Canto's hometown of Mérida, Yucatan by a knockout in the third. From then on he went in a winning streak, winning a National title and World titles and become one of the best flyweights to ever fight in a ring. That goes to prove that a loss doesnt define what you can accomplish in boxing.


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