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The Importance of Inclusion for Special Kids in Sports.

Last saturday night in Colima México on a Ríos Boxing Promotions fight card streamed by FIGHT.TV we saw brave special young man that keeps on living his dream and had his 5th boxing fight. Adonay Velázquez is a 24 year old young man that loves boxing and has been trainning for 8 years nonstop. He currently is 5-0-0 all by way of KO. To have special kids participate in these kind of events are just awesome! It does so much for their confidence and it really makes their day, It made ours just to be there and witness Adonay enjoy his fight and put on a show for the fans in attendance. Next time Adonay fights his Friends at FIGHT.TV have a surprise for him. We should also congradulate his opponent that night Mr. Martel for having that kind heart. Thats what the world needs, it needs more empathy and compassion towards eachother. This young man put a beautiful example of it saturday night.


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