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The Longest Boxing Match In History

The average boxing match lasts about 17 minutes of total fight time. Some go for much longer and some are way quicker but 17 minutes of fighting is enough to gas out the best athletes. It's enough to run right into the dirt for any cardio finessed fighter. There is one boxing match from history that puts 17 minutes to shame. Try over 7 hours.

Andy Bowen and Jack Burke fought the longest recorded gloved boxing match in history. April 6th, 1893 at Olympic Club in New Orleans Louisiana is where this went down. The fight lasted 110 rounds, it went from 9pm until 7 hour later the next day early in the morning. Burke won the first 25 rounds but Bowen refused to go down.

By midnight most of the fight fans had left the building, the ones who stayed were falling asleep. By the 110th round, they weren't even swinging at each other anymore and the ref called the fight a split contest. Both fighters got to split the purse and looked like a bloody mess afterwards.

These two will forever go down as some of the biggest baddest dudes in history. Do you think they would have kept that same energy against todays most elite fighters? We can wonder what would happen if there were no limits on fight times today. How long might Pacquiao and Mayweather have gone at it?


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