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The Original Joe Walcott.

Despite just being 5'1 and 140-148 pounds, Barbados Joe Walcott often fought heavyweights!

Sandy Ferguson was a heavyweight contender in the Jeffries era. He was 6'3, and weighed around 200 pounds. Despite winning his first fight with Walcott, he was dominated in their rematch.

Walcott also faced the 6'5, 215 pound Fred Russell. Russell was a formidable heavyweight himself, but that still didn't stop the 140 pound Walcott from battering him senselessly. Walcott even knocked Russell down! Joe was Jersey Joe 's inspiration, he got his name from Joe . Him also being from Barbados made Jersey Joe look up to Joe even more. They just dont make them tuff like these old school fighters anymore.


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