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Tim Tszyu's Fighting Spirit Unbroken After loss

Tim Tszyu described his defeat to Sebastian Fundora as a "good war," acknowledging the challenges he faced in the ring. The fight, which took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, saw Tszyu lose his undefeated record and his WBO super welterweight title.

Tim Tszyu

The Australian boxer praised Fundora's skills, noting his opponent's awkward style, height, and reach. However, Tszyu expressed disappointment over the turn the fight took, with both fighters sustaining significant injuries. Fundora suffered a broken nose, while Tszyu endured a deep cut on his head that bled profusely for 10 rounds.

“The cut, of course, played a part a bit,” Tszyu admitted. “I couldn’t see him, but no excuses. To say I fought in this arena, I want to come back and do it again if I can. I had one weeks’ notice [after Fundora came in for Keith Thurman at late notice], it is what it is.”

“[I’ll] have a little two-week rest and then get back in the gym. I want to fight the best, I want to make the mega-fights happen. We were able to do this at the T-Mobile Arena and it’s pretty unreal, I want the biggest fights you can imagine and I’m still chasing them. I want the very top of the tree.”

Reflecting on his performance, Tszyu acknowledged the impact of the cut on his ability to see clearly but refused to make excuses. He emphasized his warrior mentality and determination to fight on, even in the face of adversity. Tszyu's cut, described as a "fountain" by the boxer and the worst type of cut in boxing by his cut man Stitch Duran, posed a significant challenge throughout the fight.

Despite the loss, Tszyu expressed gratitude for the opportunity to fight at the T-Mobile Arena and his commitment to pursuing the biggest fights in his weight class. He vowed to take a brief rest before returning to the gym to prepare for future challenges.


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