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Tito Ortiz to fight fitness influencer

Tito Ortiz is reportedly in talks to compete in a boxing match against fitness influencer Big Boy.

After defeating Chael Sonnen in 2017, Ortiz made headlines by announcing his retirement from mixed martial arts.

The following year, the former champion joined Golden Boy MMA and agreed to take on Chuck Liddell in three fights.

Ortiz ultimately prevailed via knockout in the opening round and eventually joined Combate Global.

In his 2019 promotional debut, he defeated veteran WWE star Alberto Del Rio through submission.

Later, Ortiz made a brief excursion into politics by holding the position of Mayor pro tempore in Huntington Beach.

But in June of last year, Tito Ortiz quit his job and entered the ring to fight Anderson Silva. He ultimately lost against "The Spider" in round one and was eliminated, however he appears to still be interested in fighting.

A recent boxing bout challenge from Big Boy, a bodybuilding influencer, was issued to the former MMA champion. According to Ortiz's Instagram post, he still has some fight left in him and would be open to a match this year.

“This Big Boy cat … he said that I called him out. I never called this guy out,” Ortiz told his Instagram followers. “This guy is talking out of the side of his neck. I’ve never had any problem against him, or with him, I like the guy. He said I called him out which is completely false.”

He continued, “The guy wants smoke, let’s light this shit up, let’s do it. I’ve done nothing since I fought Anderson. I still got fight left in me. If this guy wants smoke, make it happen.”


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