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Tom Aspinall Voices Discontent: Calls for Jon Jones' UFC Heavyweight Title to be Stripped

The world of mixed martial arts has been buzzing since Tom Aspinall's lightning-fast victory over Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295, securing the interim heavyweight belt after Jon Jones bowed out due to injury. However, the celebratory aura surrounding Aspinall's win is tinged with frustration as he voices his discontent over the UFC's reluctance to remove Jones' title.

In a candid conversation with former middleweight champion Michael Bisping on Bisping's YouTube channel, Aspinall expressed his bewilderment at why Jones still retains the championship status despite his absence from competition.

"I think Jon Jones should be stripped from the title, to be honest, because everyone else does when they get injured like that," Aspinall emphatically stated. "I don’t see why he’s still got it, I don’t understand that. I should be the real champion right now."

Aspinall's plea for recognition as the undisputed heavyweight champion resonates strongly within the MMA community, echoing sentiments shared by many who believe his remarkable performance merits more than just an interim title.

Despite Aspinall's compelling argument and his desire to confront former champion Stipe Miocic before facing Jones, UFC President Dana White remains steadfast in the promotion's plans to reschedule the Jones-Miocic bout.

Aspinall's frustration is palpable as he questions the UFC's intentions, expressing,

"Why do we get this legacy fight? And they get to live by their own rules? What’s a legacy fight — a retirement fight for a title? I want to fight Stipe and then I want to fight Jon Jones."

The clamor within the MMA circles is evident, with many rallying behind Aspinall's quest for recognition. His determination to face the best in the division is unwavering, and his call to halt the protection of Jones rings loud and clear, urging the UFC to acknowledge his claim to the throne and grant him the opportunity to solidify his reign.


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