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Tommy Fury and Jake Paul Set for Rematch in July After Split-Decision Fight

The highly anticipated rematch between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul could take place as early as July, according to recent reports. The first fight, which took place in Saudi Arabia last month, ended with Fury securing a split-decision victory over the American YouTuber-turned-boxer.

Despite the defeat, Paul was quick to call for a rematch, citing illness and injury as factors that contributed to his loss. Reports now suggest that a second bout between the two is already in the works, with the summer being targeted as a potential date.

While the location of the fight remains unknown, it is clear that both fighters are eager to step back into the ring and settle the score. Paul exercised his clause for a rematch straight after the first fight, stating that he believes they “deserve that rematch.” Meanwhile, Fury has welcomed the challenge, confident that he can replicate his victory in the first fight.

Fury has stated that he believes he will stop Paul in the rematch, noting that he was a bit cautious in the first fight since it was his first main event and he had never gone eight rounds before. With one fight under his belt against Paul, Fury believes he now knows what to expect and is ready to take on the challenge again.

The potential rematch comes after two failed attempts to get the fighters in the ring. In December 2021, Fury had to withdraw due to a broken rib, and the fight was rescheduled for August 2022 in the United States. However, it was ultimately cancelled due to visa problems.

The first fight between Fury and Paul was a major event, drawing a lot of attention from both boxing fans and casual observers alike. The rematch is expected to be even bigger, with both fighters eager to prove their worth and cement their status in the boxing world.

Only time will tell whether Paul can bounce back from his first defeat or whether Fury will emerge victorious once again. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain – the rematch is sure to be an exciting and highly anticipated event in the world of boxing.


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