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Tommy Fury Confident Ahead of Upcoming Fight Against Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia

Tommy Fury is preparing to face American YouTuber Jake Paul in a highly anticipated fight scheduled for February 26th in Saudi Arabia. In a recent YouTube video for BT Sports Boxing, Fury sat down to discuss his thoughts on the upcoming fight and what he plans to bring to the ring.

Fury stated that he's been training for a long time and that Jake Paul had two lucky escapes from the fight, but the third time was finally the charm for Fury to get his shot at Paul. He went on to say that Paul should have taken the two lucky escapes and played it off as if he didn't want to fight, because Fury has been preparing for this fight for months and is ready to bring his best game to the ring.

The British boxer also dismissed any notion that he is feeling pressure to live up to the reputation of his last name, saying that he will never be Tyson Fury, the former heavyweight champion, but he is just trying to be the best version of himself. Fury stated that he's been doing boxing since he was six years old and it will not be easy for Paul to get in the ring with him. He is confident that the fight will not go the distance and that Paul will be humbled and defeated in the end.

Fury also added that he has nothing to lose in this fight and that his life is already everything he dreamed of. He stated that the fight is just a dream come true for him and that he has bet his whole life on the outcome, saying that Jake Paul will leave Saudi Arabia with his first loss.

Overall, Fury seems to be in high spirits and fully confident in his ability to defeat Jake Paul on February 26th in Saudi Arabia. With his background in boxing and his unwavering confidence, Fury will be a force to be reckoned with in the ring.


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