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Tommy Fury labels fight against Jake Paul as a 'holiday' according to John Fury

Papa Tommy Fury John thinks the boxer just views his forthcoming match against Jake Paul as a paid vacation.

The well-known fighting clan has arrived in Riyadh for Sunday's eagerly-anticipated battle with Paul, which has already been postponed twice due to Fury's side of things. Before a visa issue prevented them from booking a headlining spot at Madison Square Garden, he was originally hurt two weeks before their initially scheduled match.

Tommy is confident of a significant victory given his vast experience, having grown up around people like world heavyweight champion Tyson, his dad John, and their relative Hughie before going 8-0 in the professional ranks. The family is so sure of themselves that they intend to just take it all in while battling in Riyadh.

"At the end of the day this is just what it is," John Fury told Mirror Fighting in an exclusive chat as an ambassador of "It's an holiday and a decent payday but it's an easy fight for Tommy. We're looking at big honours for Tommy, we're looking at Tommy winning world titles in future.

"And when I get him going, Tommy should be out four times a year but greedy promoters don't want to pay him what he's worth - the same with Tyson... That ain't going to was with us, it's the Fury's way or the highway, we bow down to no-one, we are the kings of the ring at the minute.


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