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Tommy Fury Shuts Down Jake Paul's Final Offer

Fury and Paul have been arguing with each other for the past few months. Fury insists that Paul is not a real fighter. Paul has tried to make things personal by claiming that Fury's girlfriend has infiltrated his DM's.

Paul claims that Fury turned down the offer of two fights. He used prior bouts as a precautionary story with a final presentation on Twitter.

Fury admits he turned down two offers because he thought it was a joke. Fury was highlighted on the same card where he extended his professional boxing record to 7-0 against Anthony Taylor.

As far as his next rival is concerned, Paul has no shortage of options. He could go with Woodley for a second time, who is ready to get a "I Love Jack Paul" tattoo for a rematch.

George Masvidal is calling for a fight, although it is unlikely because of his UFC contract.

Paul, who also won against former UFC champions Woodley and Askren, was thought to be preparing for a future fight against Fiori, although talks have now stalled.

Fury and Paul appear to be on the verge of a confrontation. The only question at the moment is whether an agreement can be reached about them fighting? It looks like Fury doesn't take Paul seriously enough to fight.

Fight.TV wants to know, who do you think would win?


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