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Tony Ferguson fires back at Daniel Cormier for wanting him to ‘retire’

Tony Ferguson has responded to Daniel Cormier's recent comments following Tony's loss at UFC 279.

Tony Ferguson failed in his attempt to beat Nate Diaz in the main event of UFC 279 last weekend in Las Vegas. 'El Cucuy' had his moments, but it just did not look like that he was a danger to the stockton slapper.

Ferguson lost his fifth consecutive fight in a submission loss to Nate Diaz in this past Saturday's UFC 279 main event, and many, including Cormier, who commentated on the fight, blamed him for his recent decline.

Many have questioned whether he should retire from the sport, but the man himself stated in his post-fight interview that he felt 'back' after what he called a fun fight with a fellow veteran.

Ferguson responded to Cormier's recent criticism, saying he doesn't understand why he's always trying to bring him down.

“When I feel like I’m ready to retire, I will retire,” Ferguson told ESPN. “But right now it’s a little bit different, a little bit more interesting. DC and all these commentators that just keep repeating the same sh*t in the past couple of years because that’s what they want me to do. They want the public eye to see me like that and they want to see me as a quitter and so on and so forth.

El Cucuy also claimed that he does not cheat during the weigh-ins like Daniel Cormier did back at UFC 210.

I never cheated to get on the scales to retain my championship like DC – hashtag ‘towel gate,’ these guys grabbing the towel, trying to lift some pounds off the scale.

Cormier is known for his strong opinions in the world of mixed martial arts, which is not surprising given that he works as an analyst and commentator for the UFC. Ferguson, on the other hand, has always been defiant, and he's always held himself to a high standard in terms of what he can produce inside the cage.


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