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Tracy Cortez making mental health a priority but vows to return to UFC stronger

Tracy Cortez has stated that she needs to work on her mental health after experiencing some difficulties outside of the octagon. She is hoping to spend some time off well before continuing her UFC stint.

Because of a medical reason, the rapidly rising and talented Cortez was unfortunately forced to withdraw from her UFC Orlando women's flyweight bout against Amanda Ribas. Cortez weighed in smoothly and without incident, but she eventually disclosed that the Florida Athletic Commission and her doctors had not given her the go-ahead to participate. Neither UFC nor she did not reveal the cause since she thought it was a personal concern.

Cortez may have already been dealing with other concerns, as evidenced by the Instagram stories she shared along with a post to inform her followers. She stated that she intends to compete soon, though she is uncertain about the date.

In an Instagram story shared on social media, Cortez spoke about the struggles:

“I want to be very vulnerable but I also — to a certain extent because social media knows how to tear people down,” said Cortez on Instagram Stories. “I don’t know if you guys have noticed much, but I haven’t really been too active here on socials. And that’s because I am in a stage, a season in my life where I am healing. I’m healing and I’ve been going through it on a personal level. I’ve been healing and accountability is a hard pill to swallow, and a lot of people aren’t able to take accountability of their actions. You know, it’s always easy to find the easy way out, excuses, you know? And I’m changing everything that I thought I was once. I’m trying to become a better person. I’m trying. Not that I was bad, but I’m trying to move intentionally, I’m trying to move purely.

“I’ve been going through it since August,” continued Cortez. “I went through my camp extremely depressed. I went through my camp, and despite how my mental state was, I still gave it 110 percent. I showed up and it was hard. Everyone around me in my circle saw and getting pulled out the way that I did, hurt me. It broke me because we give everything. We leave it all. We give everything that we possibly can and we leave it all, every ounce of us in every session. I feel like training camp really takes a toll on me, and I think every fighter to a certain level can relate, spiritually, physically, and obviously, mentally, it takes a toll on us. And I gave it all. I gave it all I had and not fighting has kind of left me a little lost. But I’m okay. I’m keeping myself healthy. I’m making my mental state, my state of mind, my mental health, I’m making it a priority.”

In 2022, Cortez made one UFC appearance, winning by unanimous decision against Melissa Gatto in May to keep her perfect UFC record intact and earn her 10th consecutive victory overall.


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