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Tyron Woodley to try out kickboxing

Tyron Woodley, the former UFC welterweight champion, hopes to compete again this year and wants to begin with a new combat sport.

It is believed that he intends to make a combat sports comeback, which will include a brief appearance in the combat sport of kickboxing, where "The Chosen One" will be able to display his crushing kicking technique.

Recently, Woodley had been suggested in relation with a fight with KSI, which would probably net him a hefty payoff.

Since his shocking knockout loss to Jake Paul in the sixth round in late 2021—his second straight loss to "The Problem Child"—Woodley has not competed. Before that, "The Chosen One" left the UFC following four straight defeats.

“I think I’m gonna fight in a kickboxing fight,” Woodley told The MMA Hour.
“Every time I kick somebody they hit the ground, why don’t I kick people more? ACLs torn, knocked Jake Shields down a couple of times, I even knocked ‘Wonderboy’ down when I kicked, broke my foot on Fatselum when I kicked him in the Kung Fu Panda belly. I kick hard, so why

wouldn’t I think about that? I think that’s gonna gradually build me back up. I wanna wrap up the year with MMA.”

GLORY kickboxing and RIZIN, two premier kickboxing organisations are reportedly in talks with Woodley over a new contract. This might also mean that Woodley is protected from engaging in potentially dangerous battles at this point in his career, which could have negative effects on his health.


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