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Tyson Fury Firm on Boxing, Rejects MMA Matchup with Jon Jones

Tyson Fury vs Jon Jones
Tyson Fury vs Jon Jones

Tyson Fury, the reigning WBC and The Ring heavyweight champion, has made it clear that he has no intentions of venturing into the realm of mixed martial arts (MMA) if he were to face Jon Jones, the former UFC light heavyweight champion.

While both Fury and Jones have expressed their desire to fight each other, they differ significantly in their preferred rules for the potential matchup. Fury recently dismissed the idea of stepping into the octagon, prompting UFC President Dana White to suggest a Fury-Jones fight under MMA rules.

However, Fury took to Instagram to reiterate his stance, stating, "If you guys want to fight me, it's got to be under boxing rules. I don't roll around the floor, I stand up and punch." The boxing champion firmly believes that his expertise lies in the boxing ring, emphasizing his preference for a pure boxing encounter with Jones.

Although Fury has dabbled in MMA training in the past, collaborating with former UFC contender Darren Till in 2019 to grasp the basics, he remains committed to his boxing roots. In a previous instance, he even proposed a clash with Francis Ngannou in the cage, but under boxing rules with four-ounce gloves. Fury's most recent victory came in a 10th-round TKO against Derek Chisora, successfully defending his WBC title.

Meanwhile, Jones eagerly awaits news of his first heavyweight title defense, with a proposed matchup against Stipe Miocic still pending official confirmation. The anticipation for Jones' venture into the heavyweight division remains high among combat sports enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Tyson Fury stands resolute in his commitment to boxing and refuses to entertain the notion of an MMA matchup with Jon Jones. While the desire for a Fury-Jones fight persists, the contrasting preferences of the two fighters make the realization of such a clash uncertain.


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