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Tyson Fury: “I'd like to fight Ngannou in the cage”

Tyson Fury has expressed his willingness to compete against Francis Ngannou in an MMA fight following their upcoming boxing match. Scheduled for October, this highly anticipated showdown between 'The Gypsy King' and 'The Predator' marks Fury's return to the boxing ring after his last victory against Derek Chisora.

Although Fury's WBC heavyweight title will not be up for grabs, this bout promises to be a historic event as it will be the first time in combat sports history that a reigning boxing lineal heavyweight champion faces a top-tier MMA fighter like Ngannou.

For Francis Ngannou, the boxing match signifies a major career shift, being his first-ever venture into the world of professional boxing. To facilitate his transition, Ngannou has sought the guidance of legendary boxer Mike Tyson, who has shared training videos on social media

In a recent interview with TNT Sports before a press conference, Tyson Fury revealed his interest in a potential MMA rematch against Francis Ngannou. This announcement comes as no surprise, as earlier this year, Fury had hinted at discussions with the UFC about facing Jon Jones. Fury's confidence in an MMA rematch with Ngannou is evident in his statement:

"I'd like to fight Ngannou in the cage, I think I could beat him, for sure."

He went on to emphasize that Ngannou's strengths lie primarily in striking, which he believes he can surpass. Fury boldly claimed that with the smaller MMA gloves, he could knock Ngannou out within seconds.

“He’s not a good jiu-jitsu man, he’s not a good wrestler, he’s known for striking, and I’m a better striker than him! With the little gloves, I’d knock him out in seconds.”

He continued to underline his readiness for MMA by mentioning his proficiency in various aspects of the sport, including grappling, striking, and even employing elbow strikes. Fury referenced his training sessions with MMA fighter Darren Till as proof of his capabilities in the cage.

Can Fury defeat Ngannou in a MMA battle? Comment and let us know.


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