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Tyson Fury Reveals UFC Offer for Jon Jones 'Hybrid Fight'

In a surprising turn of events, heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has disclosed that the UFC has sent him an offer for a "hybrid rules fight" against UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

The ongoing banter between Fury and Jones regarding a potential showdown in boxing, MMA, or a combination of both has garnered attention, prompting UFC President Dana White to publicly express his willingness to facilitate the bout if Fury is genuinely interested.

During a live Twitter Space session, Fury confirmed that there have been discussions between him and the UFC, shedding light on the intriguing possibility of a hybrid clash with Jones.

"I've been in talks with Francis Ngannou for a hybrid fight. There's talks of me and Jon Jones doing a hybrid fight as we talk, right now. I received an offer from the UFC yesterday, so you never know what's going to happen. The future's bright, for sure, and there's a lot of options out there," Fury revealed.

Notably, Fury had previously entertained the idea of facing former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, with discussions centered around either a boxing match or a mixed-rules encounter. It seems Fury has now extended his vision to include Jones, should the reported offer hold.

While Fury is contemplating his options across combat sports, he also remains open to significant boxing matches. Highly anticipated showdowns against Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua have yet to materialize, with Fury suggesting that potential opponents are shying away from facing him.

"It seems at the moment I'm struggling to get an actual boxing opponent. I think Mauricio Sulaimán, the president of the WBC, did an interview podcast recently and he said, 'Tyson's a victim of his own success. He's that good, people don't want to fight him. They'd rather fight somebody else.' That's what I'm experiencing right now," Fury lamented.

Despite tirelessly calling out every heavyweight contender in the top 15 over the past six months, Fury finds himself without a confirmed opponent. As he continues to seek the right challenger in the boxing realm, the allure of potential hybrid encounters with UFC fighters presents an enticing alternative for Fury.

As the boxing and MMA worlds eagerly await Fury's decision, the possibilities seem endless. Whether it be a thrilling hybrid clash against Jones, a long-anticipated showdown with Ngannou, or the elusive marquee boxing match against an elite heavyweight, Tyson Fury's journey promises to captivate fans across the combat sports spectrum.


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