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UFC 266 highlight : Volkanovski vs Ortega

Saturday night's event heald some of the best matches to watch this year. Spectators saw a great match between Alexander Volkanovski and Ortega. Alexander Volkanovski successfully defended his UFC Featherweight Championship in Las Vegas with a unanimous decision over Brian Ortega in the main event of UFC 266.

The first round showed that both men had their own moments as the strike figures were almost identical. Volkanovski was a little more efficient, moving in and out and setting his leg and body kicks. However, the challenger used his length to do his job well and impede the champion's rhythm.

While the second round increased the heat in both fighters. Volkanovski played the role of aggressor more and more often. He repeatedly pressed Ortega on the fence and carried out some significant attacks.

After the second round, the two exchanged words. With the two sharing the Ultimate Fighter season as coaches, it should come as no surprise that there was some added intensity. From that moment on, the battle reached a whole new level. Ortega sank in a deep guillotine from which Volkanovski escaped.

In the fifth round, Orga was beaten up, but was still fighting. He took a right hand that looked heavy. Ultimately, it was the kind of fight that would raise the profile of both fighters.

Volkanovski's rise to the championship has been incredible, but his victory over Ortega adds even more legitimacy to his reign.

Although the champion has only two title defenses to his name, he has already won over some of the top names in the division. He won three of the top five, including two on Holloway.

So now goes the question, who will Volkanovski fight next? Fight.TV wants to know!


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