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UFC 266 highlights : Shevchenko vs Murphy

Round 1: From the first round, Shevchenko started with a few kicks to the body and lead leg to control the match. Murphy grabbed a kick but ate Valentina's right hand for her effort. Murphy's left eye was swollen. The "bullet" landed some hard kicks before taking Murphy down and maintaining top control to end the round.

Round 2: In the second round, Murphy eased some pressure and stepped up her efforts to control the match. Murphy managed to get Shevchenko's back against the fence. She could not pull off the single leg or the two takedown. But the Challenger went for a Superman punch then met a counter from Shevchenkos right hand.

Round 3: Murphy couldn't find her way inside. Shevchenko stopped Murphy from pursuing with striking to finish the round.

Round 4: Murphy threw a right hook to start the round. Shevchenko punched her before taking Murphy down. She landed some ground and pound. Shevchenko took a dominant position and made some vicious attacks to eliminate murphy via TKO.

Official via TKO-R4, 4:00

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