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UFC 266 - Volkanovski VS Ortega

UFC 266 has officially added a pair of title fights on September 25th as Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanowski will face Brian Ortega and flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko against Lauren Murphy. ESPN was the first to report the news. Valentina Shevchenko has given full details of the competition against Lauren Murphy.

Volkanovski (22-1-0) is a powerhouse of the Featherweight Division, his last victory a spectacular battle with Max Holloway in 2020. He became Australia's second UFC champion, behind Robert Whittaker.

That's what Volkanovski's father said. "He was playing rugby league, then when he decided to start fighting I didn't like how dangerous the game was," he said. "But he told me that the game is actually safer than rugby league. You have a referee who sees two people at a time, while in rugby league you have 26 people and only three referees."

Senior Volkanovski knew that his son would become a champion and fulfill his promise to bring an early Christmas present to the family.

While another fighter, Brian Ortega (15-1-0), has been a major player in the UFC world for years, but has not been very active on the scene for a long time.

Ortega withdrew after losing the match against Max Holloway in December 2018, but returned in October last year to win a landslide victory over Chen Sung Jung.

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