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UFC 268 Adds Justin Gaethje VS Michael Chandler

UFC 268 Just added Gaethje V Chandler to their fight card. Justin is 22-3 while Michael is 22-6, they both have the same amount of wins and are excellent fighters so its gonna be hard to call the winner ahead of time here. One thing is for sure, this fight will be explosive and a great addition to UFC 268!

The contracts haven't been signed yet and the date / location is still being determined but the more we learn about this event the better it's looking. Many are suggesting the fight will be November 7th.

Chandler's record in the UFC is 1-1. After suffering his 2nd round knockout loss to Oliveira. Gaethje hasn't fought since his second round loss to Khabib in their fight last year. Which Khabib announced his retirement after.

So fight fans be ready to watch this one! The closer we get to the action the better its looking! please stay tuned with us for more fight news and analysis! Who do you think is going to win? Let us know and why!


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