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UFC 268 results: Kamaru Usman defeats Colby Covington again, secures fifth title defense

The thrilling UFC event, in which Usman and Cunnington headlined the fifth UFC pay-per-view event at Madison Square Garden, was a rematch between the co-main event and the main event.  Before we go into the match, let us take a look at the background of this match. Usman-Cunnington Fight was a rematch of his classic title bout in UFC 245. Usman won the stand-off in the fifth round with a technical knockout by Cunnington, although Cunnington immediately protested against referee Mark Goddard. Decided, and continued to resent the call for 22 months after the fight. Which he had to avenge today. As it's been stated in several of his interviews, and as he went into battle, Cunnington said he had redefined his point of view and would not fight as he did in his first contest. After a few early attacks from both sides, Cunnington launched a boxing strike to control the match and Usman, but unfortunately Usman turned the tide. Usman punched a few times and controlled the challenger for a moment before returning to his feet, where the champion would control the center of the cage. Covington went on for a collection but Usman completed another takedown, bringing the action back to the canvas for a short time. Once they got back on their feet, the fierce exchanges continued until the end of the round. In the last minute of the second, Usman will take the field to crush the left hook to knock down Cowington. The challenger retreated to the right, but another left-hander found a way to send Covington back to the canvas. Usman would close the round when he came down with heavy punches on his body. Usman got the first knockdown of the fight at the end of the second round, and tried to knock out Covington before the bell rang. He started the third round from where he left, but Cunnington completed five minutes by putting Usman against the cage. Cunnington recovered well to start the third and put together a good collection, although he was more careful in his movements. Usman remained calm and let the fighting come to him, but in the closing moments the action would escalate with some warm exchanges. The round will end after Kington changes levels and completes a takeaway on the champion. Cowington, who began to emerge as a tough opponent, had a few clean strikes early in the fourth round. Cowington kept up the pressure throughout the round and took off a tight upper cut that seemed to sway Usman before the end of the frame. It looked as if Cunningham would take control of the match. This could be seen by the crowd in the form of slogans in the last round. As the final round began, Covington received shouts from the crowd. The fierce exchange continued, the two fighters landed clearly, and an interesting round was formed. In the closing moments, Usman accidentally blinked, causing a brief pause in action before the fight ended. The two men shared words of respect, hugs and encouragement before returning to their corners. After another incredible battle between these two fierce rivals, New York State Athletic Commission judges Derek Cleary (49-46), Dave Terrell (48-47) and Sal de Amato (48-47) scored in Usman's favor. Cards submitted. With the win, Usman improved to 20-1-0, winning 19 consecutive fights, including five title defenses. "I'm the best living person right now, pound for pound," he said. Cowington, the former interim welterweight champion, fell 16-3-0. The question arises as …………………………………………………..KENNEY BRO HELP , COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE  PLZ ( DON’T MIND )


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