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UFC 269 : one of the biggest cards of the year

It looks like we will see another "Three Piece and Soda" match again at the end of the year, as the recent "Three Piece and Soda Fight" has led to the UFC booking of George Musvidal vs Leon Edwards for December. Is trying According to the details, both the fighters were present at the backstage in UFC Fight Night 147. Edwards defeated Gunner Nelson on the same card. Rocky intervened in Masudel's interview to challenge him to a fight. It didn't go well with Mussolidal, who faced Edwards. Gambride then punched Burt's bare neck. He later described the collection as "three pieces with soda." It began to grow in popularity. For a moment it seemed that the fight was not taking place in the Octagon, as George had twice fought for the BMF title and the Welterweight title. However, according to ESPN's Brett Okamoto, the UFC is working on booking the highly anticipated fight for December 11, which is scheduled for UFC 269. Immediately after the announcement, a tweet was made by Masudel himself. His simple message made it clear how he felt about accepting the fight, saying he was doing Edwards a favor. "Welcome," he wrote. If the UFC succeeds in doing so, it will be a major battle for both men. George seems to be relevant in the line of welterweight contenders after suffering a series of losses to champion Kumaro Usman. Leon Edwards, on the other hand, will do his best for his own title shot. The event is considered one of the biggest cards of the year, with a lightweight title, and the women's bentweight title will be held later this year. George Musvidal vs. Leon Edwards added to the marquee, becoming one of the best cards in a long time. Now we have to see what the two fighters do inside Agatakon. ?

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Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad
Oct 12, 2021

i like it

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