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UFC 271: predictions, preview, analysis and weight results (misses weight and another bout canceled

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns for the second time on Saturday, February 12, 2022 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas with another thrilling and exciting card. The UFC 271 will feature a rematch of the main event title division champion, Israel Adisania, and former No. 1 contender Robert Whitaker. In the co-man event, heavyweight fan favorites Derek Lewis and Tai Toivasa are closing the horn in a 265-pound fight that is sure to happen. The initial weighting of UFC 271 took place on Friday morning at the host hotel in Houston, Texas. And it wasn't without drama. As William Knight lost 12 pounds in a short notice fight against Maxim Greshen, the commission forced his 205-pound showdown to hit the heavyweight division. As a result, Knight was fined 40% of his wallet. Also, a flyweight bout between Alex Perez and Matt Chanel was canceled when Perez lost two pounds. Chanel was offered financial incentives to continue the competition but ultimately refused the booking, which is his right under the agreement. This is the fourth time that Perez vs. Chanel has failed to materialize. UFC 271 headliners Israel Adisania and Robert Whitaker both came in at 184 within the championship range, while co-headliners Derek Lewis and Tai Toivasa weighed in at 266 and 265, respectively, for their heavyweight banner in "The Lone Star State". For Israel Adesania vs Robert Whitaker Prediction Robert Whittaker is clearly the second-best middleweight ever in UFC history. Since losing his formidable weight to 170 pounds, the 31-year-old "rap" has a perfect record of 11-1 with four knocks. Also, Whittaker has more success at the top than Derek Brunson and Jared Cannonier, who do not rank No. 3 and No. 4 at 185 pounds, respectively. You can be sure that Marvin Vettori (No. 2) and Paulo Costa (No. 5) have enough holes in their otherwise impressive line-up, but we don't think they have their say for the No. 1 spot in the division. There are enough to challenge the place. Taking advantage of the fact that his boxing skills will be different, Power Punching Aussia is also a talented wrestler with pending sub-seats. There is simply no place where you can "rap" and expect to get an advantage, unless your name is Israel Adesanya. The "Ultimate Style Bender" finished "Whittaker" at the UFC 243 main event in late 2019 and I'm not sure the former champion didn't fold under pressure in the big spot. Whittaker is usually a very well-formed fighter and he Saw flat (and a little floppy) in his first round. I'm sure it didn't help matters that he was facing a master killer like Adesanya, who beat Anderson Silva to the top of the division. Provided as a deadly strike. Adesanya has also left a trail of corpses in her life and by the disposal of Vettori in UFC 263, "Italian Dreams" about "Italian Dreams". Silence on anything about the beginning of 2018. Adesanya's only loss came in January against light weights against Blachowicz who showed the need for weight classes rather than show weaknesses in the game of Adesanya. That said, fighters who want to follow the Polish blueprint can win championship tours when the thumbs are heavy and When the processes become a crawl is inserted. we expecting a much better performance from Whittaker as a reminder of this championship. This skill is always based on making it competitive and based on what we have seen in their last three battles, also confidence. It seemed good to end up in the Adesanya run after that, but you could also argue that the three rounds make us look better at the evolution of the "rapper". Will it be enough to send the crown again? maybe not. Whittaker may be a better boxer, but Adesanya Strike is high all around. It really comes down to the boat. Vettori was able to champion the UFC 263 on the floor on four separate occasions - more than Bloachowicz - he just failed to do anything with it. Can Whittaker? It remains to be seen. "Repeat" is not a monster midlight by any part of the imagination (hence the career in Welter White) and Adesanya has proved difficult to prove. The good news, at least for the fighters, is that we're likely to get action-packed battles that are definitely moments that are in Challenger's favor, I think Adesanya will do more on foot than Whittaker on the ground, Due to a sweep on the judges' scorecards. Prediction: Adesanya Def. Whittaker by unanimous decision The question is, will Whitaker be able to get his revenge? Or will Adesanya succeed once again? Be sure to share your opinion, because your opinion is very important to us. Subscribe to Fight TV now for full details and updates about UFC 271 and news and analysis from around the world, as well as enjoy videos and live streaming anytime and anywhere. Thanks


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