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UFC 294's Anshul Jubli Leads the Charge for Indian MMA

In the heart-pounding world of mixed martial arts, Anshul Jubli has emerged as a shining star, putting Indian MMA on the global map with a bang.

With an impressive undefeated record of 7-0 in MMA and a recent victorious debut in the UFC, Jubli is a force to be reckoned with. His triumph in the "Road to UFC" lightweight tournament in February, where he secured a thrilling TKO victory over Jeka Saragih, not only earned him a Performance of the Night bonus but also set the stage for his journey to greatness.

Hailing from India, Jubli's success has ignited a surge of enthusiasm in his home country. With nearly half a million followers on Instagram, the young fighter is undoubtedly a sensation. What's more, he stands as one of only two Indian fighters currently gracing the UFC roster, alongside Puja Tomar, showcasing the immense talent that India has to offer.

Speaking about the overwhelming support he has received, Jubli shares,

“The reception was huge. After I won ‘Road to UFC,’ people are now believing that we can go into the UFC, perform, win, and become a champion. We’re not just saying India is here, India is in the UFC – we’re growing. We’re coming. We have a second fighter, Puja Tomar, in the UFC now. She’s a great fighter, a fabulous fighter. You will see her dominating her division very soon, and now I believe you’ll see, in just one or two years, so many fighters coming up. We are here, and we are going to rule."

Jubli's journey continues with a showdown against Mike Breeden at UFC 294. With aspirations to make a mark in the UFC's stacked lightweight division, he remains unyielding in his pursuit of victory. Jubli confidently proclaims,

“I won this tournament. I proved I’m one of the best in Asia. Now it’s time to prove I’m the best in the world. In a few years, I’ll be the best in the world, and Mike Breedan is in front of me. I’m going to go there, finish Mike Breedan, win this fight, and after that, the next step.”

As Anshul Jubli steps into the octagon once more, the world watches with anticipation, eager to witness the rise of an Indian MMA sensation who is determined to conquer the UFC and beyond.


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