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UFC 300 Shatters Records with Increased Performance Bonuses to $300,000, Dana White Confirms

Dana White increases the fight bonuses
Dana White

In a groundbreaking move, UFC CEO Dana White announced a monumental increase in performance bonuses to $300,000 during the pre-fight news conference for UFC 300, marking a significant shift in the promotion's reward system.

During the highly anticipated event at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, White addressed the demands put forth by fighters like Justin Gaethje and Max Holloway, who had been advocating for a substantial boost in performance bonuses from the standard $50,000 to a whopping $300,000.

In response to a query posed by MMA Junkie reporter Mike Bohn about the potential increase, White's definitive statement stirred excitement among the fighters present, leading to cheers and applause.

"300, it's done," White declared, signaling a momentous milestone for UFC bonuses.

This decision for UFC 300 represents the largest official performance bonuses ever offered in the promotion's history, reflecting a notable departure from the customary bonus amounts.

While the value of UFC performances has traditionally remained stable at $50,000, there have been instances of increased bonuses on rare occasions. Notable examples include UFC 100 in 2009, where $100,000 bonuses were awarded, and UFC 129 in 2011, which saw $129,000 bonuses being distributed. The most recent variation occurred at UFC 262 in 2021, where the bonuses were set at $75,000.

This significant jump to $300,000 for UFC 300 performance bonuses underscores the UFC's commitment to recognizing exceptional performances and providing substantial rewards to its athletes, further enhancing the stakes and excitement surrounding the event.


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