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UFC and USADA part ways over Conor McGregor issue

The UFC and USADA have announced that they will end their partnership on January 1, 2024, after working together since 2015 to conduct drug tests for the fighters. The reason for the split is reportedly related to Conor McGregor, who has re-entered the USADA testing pool after a long hiatus.

USADA said in a statement that they have told the UFC that McGregor should not be allowed to fight until he has passed two drug tests and been in the testing pool for at least six months. They also said that they have the authority to extend the period based on McGregor’s declarations and test results.

However, USADA said that they are not sure if the UFC will respect their rules, as the promotion has decided to go in a different direction and not renew their contract with USADA. USADA said that they had a positive and productive meeting with the UFC in May 2023, but the UFC changed their mind on Monday, October 9.

USADA expressed their disappointment for the UFC fighters, who depend on their independent and high-quality program to ensure a clean, safe, and fair sport. USADA said that the UFC’s decision jeopardizes the progress that has been made in the sport under their leadership. It is unclear what the UFC will do for drug testing after 2024, whether they will do it themselves or hire another company. But one thing is certain: USADA and the UFC are no longer partners.


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