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UFC Champion Raquel Pennington Calls for Fairness in Title Contenders: Embracing Challenges Beyond Big Names

Pennington calls for fairness in selection of the next title contender
UFC Champion Raquel Pennington

In the fast-paced world of UFC, where every fight can make or break a career, the debate over who deserves a title shot is always contentious. Recently, UFC bantamweight champion Raquel Pennington expressed her views on the matter, particularly regarding two-time Olympic gold medalist Kayla Harrison's imminent debut in the octagon.

Pennington, known for her resilience and tenacity inside the cage, believes that fighters should earn their way to the top rather than being fast-tracked based solely on their name and achievements outside the UFC. She specifically mentioned Harrison, who is set to face former champion Holly Holm in her UFC debut at UFC 300.

"When someone has a big name, they like to fast-track them," Pennington stated in an interview with LowKick MMA. "I do not find it fair when an athlete comes in and just because they have a big name, they get to skip the line."

The conversation revolves around the essence of meritocracy in UFC, where fighters like Pennington have climbed the ranks through sheer hard work and dedication. Pennington's journey from "The Ultimate Fighter" to bantamweight champion exemplifies the arduous path many fighters take to earn their shot at the title.

Despite her reservations about the UFC's business practices, Pennington remains open to facing any challenge that comes her way. She emphasized her preparation for a potential title defense against Julianna Peña, reaffirming her commitment to facing deserving contenders.

Pennington's stance reflects a broader sentiment among fighters in the division, highlighting the importance of fairness and opportunity for those who have tirelessly pursued their UFC dreams. While acknowledging the business aspect, Pennington's call for fairness resonates with many fighters and fans alike.

As the UFC landscape continues to evolve, the balance between star power and meritocracy remains a topic of ongoing discussion. Pennington's words serve as a reminder of the values that underpin the sport, where every fighter's journey deserves recognition and respect.


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