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UFC's Aljamain Sterling Reveals Shocking Bellator Fighters He Wants in the Octagon!

Aljamain Sterling and Din Thomas recently shared their thoughts on some Bellator fighters they believe would make great additions to the UFC. Bellator has long been a home to exceptional MMA talent, and Sterling, a former UFC bantamweight champion, is well aware of the caliber needed to succeed in the UFC.

Aljamain Sterling

In a recent video, Thomas mentioned Patchy Mix and AJ McKee as fighters he'd like to see in the UFC. Sterling agreed and added that Vadim Nemkov and Corey Anderson are also fighters who could compete at the top of their respective divisions in the UFC.

"Nemkov is pretty solid too," Sterling said. "And Corey Anderson, they never should have cut him in the first place. I mean, it’s his age now, but still, competitively, I think he could still compete with the top of the division."

Thomas echoed Sterling's sentiments, praising the overall talent level in Bellator. "Those Bellator guys can fight man," Thomas said. "You know, Johnny Eblen and all them, they can fight, man, they can fight-fight."

It's clear that both Sterling and Thomas believe that several Bellator fighters have what it takes to succeed in the UFC. With Bellator now under the UFC umbrella, the potential for cross-promotion and fighter crossovers is higher than ever.


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