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UFC's Reebok To Venum Deals

The UFC stopped fighters from showcasing their sponsors during their fight when they did a deal with Reebok. All fighters had to wear gear in their fight with solely Reebok logos. Which myself and many other combat sports fans and athletes didn't like. In hindsight, the Reebok deal hasn't been the better case for fighters as Dana White suggested it would be.

It might help more with the more established fighters as the Reebok deal gave the UFC a chunk of change. Newer fighters still trying to make their career in MMA however, lost out on a lot of sponsors and royalties they could've had without the Reebok deal.

The Reebok deal is about to end and the Venum deal is going to start. Venum is a smaller brand but their focus is entirely combat sports. We can only hope they'll understand fighters needs and allow them to keep their sponsors during their fights. We can only wait to see if this will be another broken promise like with Reebok, or if Venum will set the pace by establishing it's brand as a company that really loves it's fighters.

What do you think? Will Venum wind up being a better deal than Reebok? Will it help fighters or hold them back?


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