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Ugas Beats Pacqiaou By Unanimous Decision

Pacman was making his return at 42 years old with 2 years since his last fight to compete against Yordenis Ugas for the WBA Welterweight title and lost via unanimous decision. Manny is the only boxer to ever win world titles in 8 different divisions, he's definitley a boxing GOAT, but will we be seeing him compete again is a big question that fight fans are asking right now.

Many feel that this fight, we didn't get to see the trademark speed and power that Manny usually displays. Some argue that Ugas is just that good, Pacquiao really hasn't aged that much it's just he contested against a much more skilled boxer - which could be the case and Pacman fans are just in denial.

This is a highly disputed topic that we know the boxing community will be hashing out for the next few months. If Manny should get a rematch, keep fighting, retire, or what's next for him and Yordenis Ugas. Many people still want to see Pacquiao fight Spence, the bout we were supposed to be watching tonight.

What do you think fight fans? Should Manny keep fighting? A rematch vs Ugas or maybe a reschedule with Errol Spence? This will be an exciting topic to follow and we hope to bring you the answers to these questions soon!


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