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Unbeaten Chechen fighter with a 23-0 record loses debut UFC match

At UFC Vegas 69 on Saturday night, unbeaten featherweight Khusein Askhabov fought Jamall Emmers in his first-ever UFC match.

Askhabov had a stunning 23-0 record to begin the evening, but he hadn't fought in more than three years because his debut had been postponed numerous times. 16 of those victories have come from finishes for Askhabov (six by submission and ten by knockout).

Emmers himself was making a comeback after a lengthy absence. He has lost against Pat Sabatini in his previous match in 2021.

Jamall Emmers launched the bout with a few right punches and leg kicks. Askhabov switched things up by attempting a takedown. He pushed Emmers up against the cage but separated them by kneeing Emmers in the groyne. They both exchanged a flurry of leg kicks after the referee gave a brief pause and warning.

Askhabov occasionally buckled Emmers by kicking his lead leg. Askhabov threw numerous kicks, but he missed with a huge wheel kick. That was another stuffed takedown by Emmers in the closing round. Emmers simply put Askhabov on his back because he was exhausted after another takedown. Emmers climbed to the top and swiftly sat. He was too high, and Askhabov knocked him off, but Emmers eventually rose back to the top.

Askhabov's night did not go well as he was routinely outclassed by his opponent. Emmers won the bout by unanimous decision after a full fifteen minutes of action, ending the 28-year-unbeaten old's run. All three judges gave "Prettyboy" a 30-27 victory in the fight.

Emmers seemed a touch emotional during his post-fight octagon interview with Paul Felder and made a speech intended to inspire. Also, the 33-year-old stated that he would like to participate in the UFC 287 event, which is scheduled to take place in Miami, Florida.

"Words can't describe it. I just went through a lot. Life kicked my b*tt, taught me some lessons. This fight was just 15 minutes. I gave all 15 minutes I have but outside of the cage, I had to fight every day. So, these 15 minutes were heaven to me... I wanna fight back in Miami, in my hometown. So, you know, Sean Shellby... let me get on that."


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