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UNBELIEVABLE! MMA Star Eduardo Riego Submits Three Opponents in 3v1 Victory!

Spanish light heavyweight Eduardo Riego showcased his dominance by effortlessly defeating three opponents in a 3v1 cage match at the Dogfight Wild Tournament 2nd Impact.


Riego, boasting a professional MMA record of 7-2 with five submissions, headlined the event held on Friday in Tarragona, Spain. The tournament featured unconventional formats, including a no-rules fight, 2v2 MMA, and a 5v1 'Last Survivor' brawl.

In the main event, Riego captivated the audience with his performance in the 3v1 cage match against three smaller fighters. Despite being outnumbered, Riego utilized his grappling skills to swiftly submit all three opponents.

The match, consisting of two-minute rounds, saw Riego secure victory in Round 2 with a rear-naked choke on one opponent. In Round 3, he sealed the win with a mounted guillotine submission followed by another rear-naked choke, showcasing his technical prowess and determination.

Following the official result announcement, Riego was celebrated by being lifted on his opponents' shoulders in a show of respect and recognition for his remarkable feat.

This victory marked a significant achievement for Riego, who had not secured a win since his TKO victory over Mathias Schuck at SHC 7 in 2013. He had faced consecutive losses in the Spain Regional and in Strength & Honor Championship prior to this event.

Despite his recent setbacks, Riego's exceptional performance at the Dogfight Wild Tournament solidifies his status as a legend in the MMA world. His triumph highlights the growing popularity of unorthodox promotions in the global MMA scene.


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