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Unveiling UFC's Origins: Dana White Recounts Joe Rogan's Free Beginnings

Rogan and White during an event in the past
Joe Rogan and Dana White

In a candid revelation, Dana White unveils the captivating tale behind Joe Rogan's inception into the world of UFC broadcasting, shedding light on the early days of their journey together. 

When White, alongside Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, embarked on the monumental task of revitalizing the UFC, little did they know it would lead to the discovery of a gem in Joe Rogan. Tasked with rebuilding the promotion from scratch, White stumbled upon Rogan's insightful commentary during a routine clean-up of the UFC's former New York offices.

White's fortuitous encounter with a tape featuring Rogan's impassioned discourse on MMA fighters sparked the inception of a groundbreaking partnership. Recognizing Rogan's astuteness, humor, and eloquence, White wasted no time in reaching out to him, offering a pivotal role in the UFC's broadcast team.

Despite the UFC's precarious financial state at the time, Rogan's unwavering passion for the sport led him to offer his services free of charge for the initial shows. His commitment and dedication during those formative years played a crucial role in shaping the UFC's trajectory and securing its enduring legacy.

Reflecting on those challenging times, White acknowledges the pivotal role Rogan played in the UFC's evolution. From the early struggles to the triumphant turnaround following the debut of The Ultimate Fighter, Rogan stood steadfast, cementing his status as an integral part of the UFC family.

Today, Rogan remains a revered figure in UFC broadcasting, his insightful commentary and charismatic presence enlivening every major pay-per-view event. The bond forged between White and Rogan transcends professional ties, underscoring a friendship rooted in mutual respect and admiration.

As the UFC continues to thrive, Rogan's indelible mark on the sport serves as a testament to his enduring legacy and unwavering dedication.


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