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Usyk Emerges as Favorite: The Latest Twist in the Fury-Usyk Saga

Fury-Usyk: The boxing world has seen no action from either Tyson Fury or Oleksandr Usyk in the past week, with both fighters maintaining their records and physical attributes. However, despite the lack of activity in the ring, there has been a notable shift in perception, particularly in the realm of betting odds.


Previously favored to win the May 18 heavyweight championship showdown, Fury is now considered the underdog to Usyk at several major sportsbooks. While the odds shift has not been dramatic, it has been enough to tip the scales in Usyk's favor, albeit narrowly.

For instance, at FanDuel, Fury was initially favored at -125, with Usyk at even-money or +100. As of the latest update, Usyk is now the -128 favorite, while Fury trails as the underdog at +104. This change represents a modest movement in the odds, but a significant shift from a year ago when Fury was a clear favorite against Usyk.

The shift in odds can be attributed to Fury's performance in his last fight, where he struggled against Francis Ngannou, a fighter with no prior professional boxing experience. Although Fury managed to secure a victory, his performance raised questions about his form and conditioning.

In contrast, Usyk's victories over Anthony Joshua in 2021 and 2022 have bolstered his reputation as a formidable opponent. Additionally, Joshua's recent victory over Ngannou has further diminished Fury's standing in the eyes of many fans and experts.

Despite these perceptions, Fury's camp remains confident in his abilities, with his father, John Fury, acknowledging a slight decline in his recent fights but expressing faith in his son's preparation for the upcoming bout.


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