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Venado keeps Winning.

Luis Alberto "Venado" Lopez made his second IBF featherweight world title defense against the tuff Joet González. It was a really close fight to my eyes where the champ connected the harder punches but at times was outworked by the tuff challenger González. Lopez won by unanimous decision 118- 110, 117 - 111, 116-112. To be honest I did see the champ win but it was closer than what the judges saw or at least I had a closer score but I believe its a good fight so the champ can get experience from a tuff fighter, González is as tuff as they come and has only lost to champions and knows how to apply pressure. His attack is relentless. This fight will be a good learning experience for Lopez. In my opinión Lopez is one of the solid featherweight world champions, to be honest I believe he can beat WBA champ Wood and WBO champ Ramirez, but I dout he can get through WBC champion Rey Vargas. Anyways it was a good world title fight from both men to put the iceing on the cake of a good show.


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