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Venum, Who They Are

Venum is the retailer for all things combat sports. They're the soon to be sponsor replacement for the UFC, taking Reeboks place. Fighters from all around the world love Venum. As upset as many fight fans are for sponsors like Reebok taking away fighters other sponsors during their fight, fans would prefer Venum be the brand that gets this spot if it goes to anyone.

Venum carries their own line of products, that are all competitively priced with the best quality materials. The brand was created in 2006 with their sole focus on the sport we all love so much. They have 3 training camps located around the world, one in Paris, Las Vegas, and Pattaya.

Their home gym section has everything you may need for your at home workouts. Their focus is mostly on competitive martial art focused equipment. Venum apparel is also a really cool style to wear. Only those who truly love martial arts will recognize what you're wearing and why. It's kind of like if cauliflower ears were clothes.

Venum has an extensive team whose all listed on their website. Comprised of some of the best martial artists in the world. It's a great group of folks you would want in your corner. They have a direct line for customer service. So if you want anything martial arts sports related. Venum has you covered!


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