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Vera put out blistering reaction to Cejudo alleging he'd easily knock 'Chito' and O'Malley

Currently, the UFC bantamweight roster's two greatest draws are arguably Sean O'Malley and Marlon Vera. Due to their past interactions, a conflict between the two also makes it plausible. O'Malley lost to Vera in 2020, the only defeat of his professional career, but he still doesn't take it seriously now.

Although "Sugar" has requested an interim fight with Vera, he is transparent about the conditions. The world-renowned bantamweight is unwilling to take on "Chito" if he is not granted a portion of the PVV buys. According to O'Malley's YouTube channel:

"Me vs. ‘Chito’ for an interim belt, people would take that. But also, me vs. ‘Chito’, interim title, main event, PPV, does however many buys, and me and ‘Chito’ technically don’t get PPV buys, I’d rather not do that. I’d rather say, ‘No, I’ll just wait.’ Again, I’ve got to talk to the UFC. We’ll see.”

While defending champions frequently receive a portion of UFC PPV revenue, there are no hard and fast rules in place for this. Even though neither Anderson Silva nor Nick Diaz was the reigning champion for their 2015 fight at UFC 183, both men received PPV shares.

There much going around since the controversial loss of Petr Yan to Sean O’Malley. Suga currently ranks #1 in the bantamweight division which has given him such power to select an opponent for himself. On one side O’Malley wishes for an interim title battle with his bitter rival Marlon Vera since the reigning champion has expressed his desire to return to the octagon by June 2023. This situation has also given rise to the possibility of the return of former champion Henry Cejudo.

Cejudo has been seen on several occasions taking shots at the division's top contenders. Cejudo launched into a Twitter tirade in which he disparaged O'Malley's contentious victory over Petr Yan through the split decision. He continued by asserting that, despite being hurt, he was still capable of defeating Vera and O'Malley.

After "Triple C" allegedly asserted that he could easily defeat "Chito" and Sean O'Malley, Marlon Vera retaliated against Henry Cejudo right away. Recently, "Sugar" demanded that if Aljamain Sterling wants to take a break from fighting, Vera should face him for the interim title.

'Chito' did not attempt to downplay anything in his answer to Cejudo:

"Henry go suck a d**k you fat little s**t"

After UFC 280, UFC President Dana White immediately added Henry Cejudo's name to the list of contenders for the bantamweight championship. While Aljamain Sterling and "Triple C" have been mentioned as potential opponents for a UFC 284 title fight, "Funk Master" recently shot down the rumors and said he wouldn't be making a comeback until mid-2023.

Then Cejudo changed his attention and demanded a bout for the interim title against O'Malley, which was also declined. As "Sugar" rallies for an interim match against Marlon Vera, "Triple C's" appears to be attempting to reenter the fray.


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