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Vicente Luque had a brain hemorrhage after his fight against Geoff Neal in 2022

Following a special hearing by the Nevada Athletic Commission, Vicente Luque has been given the all-clear to compete in his upcoming UFC main event.

Applications for fighter licencing and re-licensing are often authorised in waves, as was the case on Tuesday during the monthly meeting for another 72 fighters. But Luque was singled out and required special approval because, as the commission discovered, he suffered a brain haemorrhage after losing to Geoff Neal through TKO in August 2022.

Although it wasn't disclosed during the meeting that the fight caused the brain bleed, NAC executive director Jeff Mullen later confirmed that information.

The 31-year-old Luque was given unanimous approval by the NAC to compete once more after receiving what was regarded to be appropriate medical clearance.

“He suffered a brain bleed (a year ago),” NAC executive director Jeff Mullen said. “He had a suspension of one year. He had to bring before the commission clearance from a neurosurgeon and a neurologist independently who recommended he be licensed. We have that material. … I have faith in our doctors.”

On Aug. 12 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Luque will compete in the main event of UFC on ESPN 51 against former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos . 

Although Luque did not expressly refer to the brain bleed in a recent interview with Middle Easy, he did describe how he had to go through further medical testing before he could resume competing. According to Luque, this may be the reason why his fight against dos Anjos was rescheduled from July to August.


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