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Volkanovski: “People are gonna doubt me and they should”

Alexander Volkanovski, the current UFC featherweight champion, has acknowledged that his underdog status is fully deserved before defending his lightweight belt.

Volkanovski will compete for Islam Makhachev's lightweight title at UFC 284, which the Dagestani won in October at UFC 280.

Volkanovski appears to be the underdog among many in the MMA world despite his featherweight credentials, prior experience battling at heavier weights, unblemished UFC record, and active 22-fight winning run.

That is undoubtedly represented in the odds, which now have the Australian at +275 against Makhachev's -330. And while Volkanovski is confident he will defy the odds on fight night in Perth, he isn't questioning everyone's pre-fight predictions. Volkanovski recently spoke with John Hyon Ko of The AllStar about his upcoming challenge on February 11 and how people will see it.

Volkanovski agreed that there is cause for concern regarding his chances. However, he is urging those who doubt Makhachev's invincibility to continue to hold the same perspective should he prove them wrong.

“I want challenges. These challenges are making me better,” Volkanovski said. “Sitting there and protecting records has never been how I was… Every fight’s a risk. I would rather take on bigger challenges, challenges that people think can’t be done. At the end of the day, that just moves you forward.

“People are gonna doubt me — and they should. This isn’t an easy challenge. But just remember that you are putting him on this pedestal… acting like it can’t be done,” Volkanovski added. “Just remember that. Don’t forget about that. When I get this job done, don’t start changing this narrative.”


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