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Was 90's Boxing The Best Era?

Many fight fans will argue over which era of boxing was the best. Those who claim it was the 90's, have a solid argument we must say. Just the names of top fighters alone like Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Oscar De La Hoya, Julio Chavez, George Foreman, Manny Pacquiao, Riddick Bowe, Bernard Hopkins, James Tony, Floyd Mayweather Jr, I mean cmon this is the era that brought us Butterbean!

Butterbean was one of the best to watch. He didn't look athletic at all, living up to his name - Butterbean. He had a chin like iron and would just eat punches. You can remember some fights where Butterbean would just beckon people to hit him as if it didn't even hurt. You can't find a Butterbean fight that isn't pure carnage and excitement.

Floyd Mayweather Jr! The era that produced the best pound for pound boxer in the history of time, and he's still winning fights today! Manny Pacquiao is also from the 90's and is still kicking ass today!

The boxing world will never forget Mike Tyson taking a chunk of Holyfield's ear! Mike was a mean one back in the day and if he couldn't win the round, he was going to find some may to express his anger. Lennox Lewis and Roy Jones Jr were from this era too! How can you not say the 90's was boxing in it's prime?!

What do you think about 90's boxing? Who was your favorite boxer from the era and why? Do you think the top prime boxers today could hang with the 90's boxers in their prime? Let us know your thoughts and stay tuned with us for all things fight!


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